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Senate Passes Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020

The U.S. Senate has passed the “Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020”.  The bill’s purpose is to “condemn gross human rights violations of ethnic Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang, and calling for an end to arbitrary detention, torture, and harassment of these communities inside and outside China”. As part of this bill,…

Senate Passes Bill to Establish 988 as Suicide Hotline Number

A new bill passed yesterday by the U.S. Senate will “designate 9–8–8 as the universal telephone number for a national suicide prevention and mental-health crisis hotline”. (If you or someone you know is currently depressed or considering suicide call 1-800-273-8255 now.) A 3-digit phone number, the bill states, will help…

U.S. Deploys $138 Million for COVID-19 Vaccine Preparation

The United States, through the Department of Defense and Health and Human Services, is awarding $138 million to ApiJect Systems America “to create a U.S.-based, high-speed supply chain for prefilled syringes” in preparation of holding a COVID-19 vaccine. When a vaccine is developed, “more than 100 million prefilled syringes” will be…

What is Newtrals?

Newtrals is a new source of unbiased news. We report the news using fully-sourced facts, statistics, and quotes; and then present the information in a concise manner. It’s the way the news should be. That’s why more people are choosing Newtrals as their trusted source for the most unbiased news.