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Newtrals neutral news is a source for today’s news with the goal of being politically neutral. Political bias is inherent in media, but at Newtrals we do our best to provide a completely unbiased news perspective. We attempt to achieve this neutrality by presenting a story with just the facts, no opinions. Our articles are comprised of statistics, quotes, and facts and then presented in a concise manner which summarizes the story. We’re writing the news as it should be, so you don’t have to worry about what’s real and what’s not.


U.S. Attempt to Stop Lift of United Nations Embargo on Weapons Sales to Iran Fails

A United States motion to the United Nations Security Council, which “aimed at extending arms-related restrictions on Iran, set to expire in October”, has failed. Following the enactment of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA or Iran Nuclear Deal), the United Nations Security Council, consisting of permanent members: the…

Pentagon Establishes UFO Task Force

The Department of Defense has announced the establishment of an “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force (UAPTF)”. A UAP is defined by the Pentagon as an observed aircraft “when the observer cannot immediately identify what he or she is observing”. For instance, earlier this year, the DOD released three unclassified Navy videos…
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Supreme Court Rejects Rhode Island Mail-In Voting Block by GOP

A bid by the Republican National Committee (GOP) to stop Rhode Island’s mail-in voting plan for the upcoming Presidential election has been rejected by the Supreme Court. Rhode Island law requires voters who vote by mail to sign the envelope which contains their ballot “before a notary public or two…

Israel and United Arab Emirates Agree to ‘Full Normalization of Relations’

President Donald Trump announced today that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed of the United Arab Emirates have “agreed to the full normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates”. Israel and the United Arab Emirates will meet in the coming weeks…

What is Newtrals?

Newtralsis a new source of unbiased news. We report the news using fully-sourced facts, statistics, and quotes; and then present the information in a concise manner. It’s the way the news should be. That’s why more people are choosing Newtrals as their trusted source for the most unbiased news.