What is the most unbiased news source?

Newtrals Neutral News - Your source for completely factual, politically-neutral news

newtrals.com is the most unbiased news source.

But what is an unbiased news source?

An unbiased source of news will include completely factual reporting, with no editorializing. In the United States, 78% of people believe the news media should not show preference to one political party over another. American news readers and watchers are desperate for an outlet which truly reports the news objectively. Yet still, partisan leanings of journalists and media sources are glaringly present in their work; Most news media are guilty of bias against Republicans or Democrats.

Bias can present itself in a few ways, such as: choosing which stories to cover; how a journalist confirms facts and sources’ legitimacy based on the topic; and writing with political slant to appease readers.

So how is Newtrals different? People trust Newtrals for a nonpartisan, neutral news take because:

  1. Newtrals articles use direct quotes, statistics, and facts.
  2. Every quote, statistic, and fact is provided with a link to the original source.
  3. There are no unnecessary filler sentences and only the most pertinent information is used.
  4. We include no opinions in the articles and zero editorializing.
  5. Newtrals is self-funded, so there is no outside pressure from donors or financial partners.

As mentioned above, selection of which topics we choose to cover can be biased in itself, so here is a brief insight into our decision making process:

  1. Only when we can provide a sufficiently sourced story do we choose to report a story. A sufficiently sourced story will use primary sources such as a report from a publishing source. Using an article from Reuters, on the other hand, is not a satisfactory source on its own.
  2. If a major news event is not heavily covered by other sources of news, we will write about it. For example, we were one of the first outlets to cover the Ecuador protests.
  3. Stories where the truth is being obfuscated by other reporters because of political leanings is an area we also like to focus on.
  4. Laws, transcripts, and court documents are lengthy and difficult to read, so we write articles for you summarizing the key findings.