Meet the Team

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Matt Fishman

Founder, Writer

I’m Matthew Fishman, and in March of 2019 I started Newtrals.

I have always been a news nerd, reading articles from major media companies and comparing how they present information. What I found was that most news outlets have a point of view or outright bias that influences what and how they report. This kind of reporting gets in the way of the facts. I became fed up with not knowing what to trust, so I began reading directly from the primary sources of information to find the truth.

It is in response to media bias and my quest for real news that I founded Newtrals. Newtrals offers readers only the facts. I gather information for articles from primary sources such as press conferences, official statements and court documents. Then, I write straightforward articles which lay out the information and offer links to the original sources. This is all work I was doing for myself pre-Newtrals, and decided others could benefit from.

Writing articles for Newtrals is not my full-time job; it’s a side-project and a passion. I hope you find that the content on this site provides you with the information you need to shape your own opinions. Please feel free to send me feedback at, and thanks for reading!