Iraqi Security Forces Open Fire on Iraq Protesters

Published by Matt Fishman on

Iraqi security forces, meant “to manage the demonstrations”, met Iraq protesters with open fire (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO) today. “Security forces [began to] fire live bullets and tear gas at” protesters “when protesters tried to topple barricades on Baghdad’s Ahrar Bridge”. Reuters reports “put the toll at four killed and 34 wounded,” however, Iraqi security forces claim “that one person died and 22 were wounded”. Over 150 Iraq protesters have been killed by Iraqi security forces since protests began in the beginning of October.

The protesters, calling for “an end to corruption”, had demands begin to be addressed when Iraq President Barham Salih announced that the “Prime Minister had agreed to resign”. The Iraqi President says he “will do [his] utmost to implement people’s demands” including “more representative elections to the interests of the people,… protecting the votes of the electorate and preventing fraud.” President Salih added that “corrupt officials must be brought to stand trial” and will be prosecuted “with absolute transparency and loyalty to the law and public rights.”


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