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Amazon and Apple Combined Earn $148 Billion from April thru June

Amazon.com and Apple have just reported their financial results for the quarter ending June 30, 2020; Net sales for Amazon totaled $88.9 billion in the quarter, and net sales for Apple totaled $59.7 billion, just shy of $150 billion combined. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos calls it a “highly unusual quarter”…

U.S. Q2 GDP Drops 32.9% as 1.4 Million People File for Unemployment Last Week

Gross domestic product (GDP) for the United States decreased “at an annual rate” of 32.9 percent in the second quarter of 2020, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported today. GDP and other key economic indicators are often presented “at an annual rate”, or annualized, using a formula designed to make comparisons…
Troops Leaving

U.S. to Withdraw 11,900 Troops from Germany

11,900 United States troops will be taken out of Germany, the Department of Defense announced today. “Of the 11,900, nearly 5,600 Service members will be repositioned within NATO countries, and approximately 6,400 will return to the United States”. Additionally, “2,500 airmen based in Mildenhall, United Kingdom,… who had been scheduled…

What is Newtrals?

Newtralsis a new source of unbiased news. We report the news using fully-sourced facts, statistics, and quotes; and then present the information in a concise manner. It’s the way the news should be. That’s why more people are choosing Newtrals as their trusted source for the most unbiased news.