North Korea says US “Harassing World Peace”, Ahead of US-South Korea Joint Military Exercises

Published by Matt Fishman on

Ahead of upcoming U.S.-South Korea joint military exercises, Kwon Jong Gun, Foreign Ministry Ambassador of North Korea, issued a statement today that the exercises “clearly proves again [the United States’] nature as the chieftain harassing world peace and security”. The North Korean Ambassadors’s statement continued, calling the exercises a U.S. “reckless military frenzy” and “an extremely provocative and dangerous act”.

Previously, “North Korea has launched short-range missiles in protest against joint U.S.-South Korea military drills”, and less than a week ago launched its 12th of the sort this year. Kwon reiterated today “that the planned joint military exercise can block [North Korea]-U.S. relations from advancing and” their “patience is nearing the limitations”.

Army Lieutenant Colonel David Eastburn confirmed the United States “will continue to conduct exercises, including combined air exercises” with South Korea while “open dialogue with North Korea” continues. Dialogue with North Korea has slowed since President Trump met with North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un in North Korea this past summer, but talks are expected to pick up again later this month.


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