President Trump Enters North Korea; Meets with Chairman Kim Jong Un

Published by Matt Fishman on

This past weekend, United States President Donald Trump, along with South Korean President Moon, met with North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un in North Korea. President Trump crossed the Korean demarcation line to enter North Korea, a move Chairman Kim said made Trump, “the first U.S. President to visit our country.” Chairman Kim said he interpreted the action to enter North Korea as “an expression of [President Trump’s] willingness to eliminate all the unfortunate past and open a new future.” President Trump responded that “stepping across that line was a great honor”. The three world leaders continued to have a private conversation, after which President Moon remarked how the “two leaders have just presented such a big hope to the… Korean people as well as to the whole world.” The North Korean Leader added that they “are willing to put an end to the unfortunate past and… provide positive opportunities in the future.” Continuing, Chairman Kim emphasized how if “it was not for [the] excellent relation between [himself and President Trump], it would not have been possible to have this kind of opportunity.”




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