US Announces New Sanctions On Iran

Published by Matt Fishman on

Today June 24, 2019 President Trump announced new sanctions on Iran in response to “actions of the Government of Iran and Iranian-backed proxies, [including] those taken to destabilize the Middle East, promote international terrorism, and advance Iran’s ballistic missile program” as well as “Iran’s… targeting of United States military assets and civilian vessels” (1). “These sanctions will deny Iran’s leadership access to financial resources, blocking them from using the United States financial system or accessing any assets in the United States” (2). The sanctions target the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as well as the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, who President Trump has designated “as a foreign terrorist organization” (2). President Trump says today he “has implemented tough sanctions against Iran and will continue to impose maximum pressure until the regime abandons its malign behavior” (2). However, the President reiterated today “that he is open to the possibility of future talks with Iran, and wants to ensure they are never allowed to gain nuclear weapons” (2).



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