United States Sees 3% Year over Year Wage Growth Across the Country; San Francisco Leading the Country with 10% Increase

Published by Matt Fishman on

The United States has recorded a 3% year over year wage growth across the country; San Francisco leading all major counties with a 10% increase. From Q1 2018 to Q1 2019 average weekly wages for the nation increased to $1,184, a 2.8 percent increase over the year. In San Francisco, average weekly wages increased 10.2% to $2,759 a week. The leading sectors relating to the wage growth were Information Technology, seeing a 5.9% increase in wages; and Energy, with a 4.8% increase. Additionally, the top three states in wage growth were: Washington (4.9%), Colorado (4.8%), Oklahoma (4.3%); Delaware was the lone state with a yearly decrease in average wages of 0.1%.

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