U.S. Commits $1.2 Billion to Our Ocean Conference for Ocean Sustainability and Protection

Published by Matt Fishman on

Today, the United States announced its commitment of $1.2 Billion to the Our Ocean Conference “to promote sustainable fisheries; combat marine debris; and support marine science, observation, and exploration.” Our Ocean is an annual conference designed to “build partnerships between government, industry, science and civil society,… to meet the challenges facing the ocean”. The Our Ocean Conference functions on financial commitments used “towards a clean, healthy and productive ocean” focusing on six “areas of action” to protect the Oceans, namely: climate change, sustainable fisheries, marine pollution, sustainable blue economy, maritime security, and marine protected areas. With its $1.2 Billion commitment, the U.S. says it “remains ready and committed to working with partners from all countries and sectors to support a healthy and productive ocean and a sustainable blue economy.” Since the first Our Ocean Conference in 2014, the United States “has made 113 commitments¬†valued at over 4.3 billion dollars.”


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