U.S. and Taliban Sign Peace Agreement

Published by Matt Fishman on

After a successful seven-day reduction in violence, today, the United States and Taliban have signed an agreement towards lasting peace.

In the U.S.-Taliban agreement, the Taliban “promises to cut ties with al-Qaida and other terrorists”; “[commit to the] fight to defeat ISIS”; “[maintain] massive reduction in violence”; “[work] with the Afghan Government, other Afghan political leaders, and civil society”; and “[e]mbrace the historic progress obtained for women and girls”.

For the U.S. side, “part of the process of making peace is to begin to take down the… U.S. domestic sanctions against the Taliban.” Additionally, “the United States will undertake a responsible, conditions-based troop withdrawal” if “the Taliban abide by their promises”.

A Senior State Department Official commented how “it’s not going to be easy, it’s not going to be perfect.” However, all sides “want a change, want a better future, want a better option, and [this agreement will] create the momentum for people to move forward and change the negative trajectory.”