Taliban and Afghan Government Agree to 3-Day Eid Ceasfire

Published by Matt Fishman on

The Taliban announced today they would observe a three-day ceasefire with the Government of Afghanistan in honor of Eid.

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani welcomed the Taliban’s announcement, and said he “instructed all Afghan Defense and Security forces to thoroughly observe the cease-fire.”

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also welcomed news of the ceasefire, stating that he expects “the Taliban not to escalate violence after Eid”.

Secretary of State Pompeo added that the “United States remains committed to the implementation of the U.S.-Taliban agreement and the U.S.-Afghanistan Joint Declaration”.

Recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, for which the Taliban are allegedly responsible for, as well as air strikes conducted by the U.S. against the Taliban have left into question the lasting nature of the peace agreement. But as the U.S. reaffirms their commitment, Afghan President Ghani also declares that the “release process will be accelerated” for Taliban prisoners, in accordance with ongoing intra-Afghan negotiations.