Studies Prove That Any Amount of Running Significantly Increases Life Expectancy

Published by Matt Fishman on

Data from fourteen studies proves that running “is associated with a significantly lower risk of [death] compared with no running.” “Any amount of running, even just once a week,” the findings revealed, “is better than no running”. However, the results did yield that “higher doses of running may not necessarily be associated with greater mortality benefits.” The “dose” of running in the studies was usually defined by its frequency, “two times a week” and overall duration in a given period, “40 min/week”.

“232,149 participants were included” over the studies 5.5-35 year period of study, during which “25,951 deaths were recorded”. The data showed that running participation “is associated with 27%, 30% and 23% reduced risk of all-cause, cardiovascular and cancer mortality, respectively.”


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