President Trump Meets with Prime Minister Khan of Pakistan

Published by Matt Fishman on

President Trump met with Prime Minister Khan of Pakistan yesterday to discuss counterterrorism and continued peace talks in the South Asia region. The United States President reaffirmed his administration’s goals of “continuing to reduce troops in Afghanistan [by] working with Pakistan,… getting an agreement signed,… [and] negotiating with the Taliban.” President Trump emphasized if the United States “wanted to fight a war in Afghanistan and win it, [he] could win that war in a week,” and “Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the Earth.” The Pakistani Prime Minister agreed “there is no military solution [in Afghanistan] because,… if you go all-out military, there will be millions and millions of people who will die.” Prime Minister Khan added how Pakistan “wants peace in Afghanistan more than any other country,” and asserted how the United States will “play the most important role in bringing peace in the subcontinent.” The two world leaders expressed their hopes “that in the coming days [they] will be able to urge the Taliban to speak to the Afghan government and come to a settlement – a political solution.”



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