House of Representatives Passes Bill to Improve Medical Care for Women Veterans

Published by Matt Fishman on

The House of Representatives has passed the Deborah Sampson Act “to provide for increased access to Department of Veterans Affairs medical care for women veterans.” The act will establish an Office of Women’s Health in the Veterans Health Administration with the goal of improving women veterans’ health care services. Towards this goal, the office will focus on the “improvement of clinical, research, and educational activities… with respect the health care of women veterans” as well as provide “one designated women’s health primary care provider at each medical center” across the country.

Speaking in favor of the bill, California Representative Mark Takano noted that “75 percent of women veterans do not use VA care, often because they don’t realize that they are eligible.” Representative Takano says the Deborah Sampson Act will fix this, and “expand communication outreach capabilities of the department to connect more women to VA benefits and healthcare. The bill passed with near-unanimous consent, on a vote of 399-11.


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