Congress Votes to Disapprove Trump’s Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia and Others

Published by Matt Fishman on

Almost two months ago, President Trump “declared a national emergency” to move forward with an arms sale to Saudi Arabia and other countries “to deter Iranian aggression”. One month later, the United States Senate voted to disapprove the “military sale” and yesterday the House of Representatives confirmed. Representative Eliot Engel of New York said on the House Floor yesterday that “[t]here is no emergency” and President Trump is “using a phony emergency to override the authority of Congress and push through $8 billion in arms sales.” Representative David Cicilline of Rhode Island agreed that the President “invented a phony emergency to bypass the legal process for approving arms sales”, adding how this disapproval “already passed the Republican-led Senate” indicating it “isn’t… a partisan issue.” The disapproval bill passed 51-45 in the Senate and 238-190 in the House, and will now be placed on the President’s desk where it is uncertain if he will consider the motion.



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