Chileans in Protest as President Issues a State of Emergency

Published by Matt Fishman on

Chile President Sebastián Piñera has “decreed a State of Emergency” in repose to ongoing citizen protests. The protests are being reported to have started in response to “a 4% increase in subway fares from about $1 to $1 and 16 cents.” President Piñera has said the “rise in the prices of the Metro tickets [is in response] to the rise that has occurred in the price of the dollar, in the price of oil and was determined by a panel of experts as established by law.” Protests, which started out as students skipping out on transportation fares, has led to the closure of Chile’s Santiago metro after “serious damage that prevents the minimum operating conditions”, according to the metro department. Chileans began “attacks on the stations and facilities of the Santiago Metro” including lighting fire to multiple train stations. Then late last night, protests peaked as the Enel Power building was set on fire, becoming completely engulfed in flames. Enel issued a statement saying no one was injured in the attack. Minister of Transport Gloria Hutt responded to the protests, stating “[keeping] the rates… is a decision that is already established.”


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