300 Americans from Quarantined Cruise Ship Fly Back to U.S., 14 with Coronavirus

Published by Matt Fishman on

Yesterday, over 300 U.S. citizens and their immediate family members who had been passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, boarded a plane back to the United States after “all were deemed asymptomatic and fit to fly”. “During the evacuation process, after passengers had disembarked the ship and initiated transport to the airport, U.S. officials received notice that 14 passengers, who had been tested 2-3 days earlier, had tested positive for [the Coronavirus].”

These 14 individuals whom tested positive for the Coronavirus were move “to a specialized containment area on the evacuation aircraft to isolate them” from the rest of the flight’s passengers. “During the flights, these individuals will continue to be isolated from the other passengers.”

“All passengers are being closely monitored by medical professionals throughout the flight”.

“Upon landing in the United States, passengers will… remain under quarantine for 14 days.”