Trump Administration Releases 2021 Budget Proposal

Published by Matt Fishman on

President Trump today, through the Office of Management and Budget, released his administration’s 2021 budget proposal. President Trump’s 2021 budget proposes the following:


  • “The Budget provides $25.2 billion for NASA, a 12-percent increase from the 2020 enacted level.”


  • “The 2021 Budget requests $21.8 billion in discretionary resources for [United States Department of Agriculture], a $1.9 billion or 8-percent decrease from the 2020 enacted level.”
  • “To help farmers survive the market shocks, the Administration has provided $28 billion in trade mitigation assistance and $5.7 billion in supplemental and ad hoc disaster assistance.”


  • “The Budget requests $705.4 billion for [Department of Defense], including $636.4 billion for the base budget and $69 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO). “
  • “The Budget reflects a $0.8 billion increase above the 2020 enacted level for base and OCO.”


  • “The Budget requests $66.6 billion for the Department of Education, a $5.6 billion or 7.8-percent decrease compared to the 2020 enacted level.”

Affordable Housing

  • “The 2021 Budget requests $47.9 billion in gross discretionary funding for [the Department of Housing and Urban Development] HUD, an $8.6 billion or 15.2-percent decrease from the 2020 enacted level. ”
  • “HUD supports affordable housing for low-income families and provides access to homeownership for traditionally underserved homebuyers.”


  • “The 2021 Budget requests $94.5 billion for [the Department of Health and Human Services] HHS, a 10-percent decrease from the 2020 enacted level.”
  • “The Budget includes proposals to reduce the monetary loss from improper payments and strengthen the integrity and sustainability of the Medicare program” “In 2019, the Medicaid improper payment rate… represent[ed] $57 billion in erroneous payments.”
  • “The Budget includes $2.0 billion in discretionary funding and a $2.0 billion mandatory contingency fund to ensure that HHS is able to provide high-quality services to all unaccompanied alien children referred to its care.”
  • “The Budget proposes to prohibit Federal funding, such as in the Title X Family Planning and Medicaid programs, for certain entities that provide abortion services.”

Border Security

  • “[T]he Budget requests $2 billion to construct approximately 82 miles of additional border wall along the U.S. Southwest border.”
  • “With funding made available from 2017 to 2020, the Administration will build up to approximately 1,000 miles of border wall along the Southwest border.”
  • “The Budget provides $544 million to hire an additional 4,636 ICE law enforcement officers, immigration court prosecuting attorneys, and additional critical support staff to reach a total of 6,000 staff to carry out this vital national security mission.”
  • “Funding of $3.1 billion is provided for 60,000 detention beds to ensure ICE has the ability to detain criminal aliens and those ordered removed in absentia, as well as aliens apprehended at the border.”


  • “The President’s 2021 Budget requests $6.7 billion for EPA, a $2.4 billion or 26-percent decrease from the 2020 enacted level.”