Texas County Court Judge Rules All Texans Eligible for Mail-In Voting Due to Covid-19

Published by Matt Fishman on

A Texas county court judge ruled in favor of a petition which “allows any eligible voter, regardless of age and physical condition, to request, receive and have counted, a mail-in ballot, if they believe they should practice social distancing in order to hinder the known or unknown spread of a virus or disease.”

Texas’ Democratic Party filed the petition, arguing “upcoming elections [require] voters in Texas elections vote in person where they have contact with electronic equipment, election personnel, other voters and observers… activities [which] are now heavily discouraged”. Therefore,”in order to avoid the spread of disease”, the persons should be entitled to vote by mail.

Texas Attorney General issued a responding statement that this “request diminishes voting protections the Legislature has made available to Texans with actual illness or disabilities.” And “fear of contracting COVID-19 does not qualify a person for disability.”

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