President Trump Unveils Plan to ‘Reopen’ America

Published by Matt Fishman on

President Trump has released his administration’s plan to reopen America.

President Trump’s proposal for reopening the United States, titled Opening Up America Again, first lays out a set of parameters states must satisfy before proceeding with a three-phase plan. The parameters include a downward trajectory of “covid-like” symptoms and documented cases reported within a 14-day period; and establishment of a robust testing program for at-risk healthcare workers.

Following these parameters, states can begin the below, three phase process.

Phase One directs vulnerable individuals, the elderly or in poor health, to continue to shelter in place. All other individuals should continue to avoid socializing in groups more than 10, and minimize non-essential travel. Telework is encouraged to continue when possible. Restaurants, movie theaters, sporting venues, gyms, and places of worship are allowed to open “under strict physical distancing protocols”, but bars “should remain closed”.

After a successful 14 days, Phase Two begins. Phase Two still calls for vulnerable individuals to shelter in place, but increases social gatherings for others to up to 50 people, with a direction to maximize physical distance from others when possible. Non-essential travel can resume; and schools and bars can reopen.

After 14 more successful days, states may enter the final Phase Three. Phase Three allows for an almost complete return to regular life, with continued emphasis on sanitation and guidance for vulnerable individuals to practice physical distancing.

It will be up to the Governors of each state to execute this plan.